A public seat is full of warmth of a city

  This year, the Shanghai green market has introduced "Work Plan on the Optimization of the Public Space Rest Section", jointly related departments, strive to use the three years, solve the public in public space "no place to sit" "Sit" "I don’t want to sit "," to meet the needs of the public to make a good life, reflecting the city’s humanistic care of a public seat, full of warmth of the city, and hiding the city’s smart thinking and careful.

  There is such a warm and interesting seat.

  In the afternoon, the grandfather who just bought the dishes met the old neighbors. There was no short cold, and the short-lived is to sit on the stool. Even if this is just a three people.Wooden bench.

  Take a closer look, the bench also has a mystery – borrowed the window sill of the baby, wrapped in the original ice-cold cement with a wooden board, and then planted a small meat winter, simple, but practical and warm.

  Similar seats are emerging in the streets of Shanghai.

As of the end of November this year, Shanghai has been optimized to enhance the public space at the 8986 open seat, next year plans to optimize the upgrading at 5000.

Fully engaged in this "little things" only one purpose: to spread love and beauty community.

  Activation space "wake up" neighborhood recently, after residents Xinhua Lu Office found that both sides of the door to the original rectangular green belt each one less corner to replace the fence are two quite corner bench design sense, above the "Xinhua good chair "hollow words. Curious passers-by can not help but sit down and 上海油压论坛推荐 found Journey Into Amazing Caves: barrier fence between the man and not the flowers and trees, from their own natural closer, you can smell the faint grassy down, then looked up a tree is red, it is this late autumn Acer palmatum two best performers of the time. "The original green layout is ‘negative’, so that pedestrians have a sense of distance. After the adjustment, release the gas field with green vitality out, take the initiative to attract people to come.

"Shanghai linear architectural firm founding partner Wu Yan said that in the open function to ensure the safety and protection on the basis of public seating as well as their social properties.

By design, can be achieved between people, more comfortable and smooth communication between man and nature, the city became reading, watching the 上海百花丛登录入口 scenery, an important carrier of emotional communication.

  Wu Xin Tan words, according to the traditional bench design, simply open the green tape toward the side of the road fence, "straightforward" button.

However, the actual use, the two people on a bench to sit shoulder to shoulder, which was separated from the entrance of the post office, do not form on the exchange space.

Made after the corner, in terms of appearance or from the terms of the promotion of exchanges, they are superior.

  A small row of seats, and even bears a block of energy "wake up."

  Seating area come Panyu Road Oxbridge Bang Road intersection southwest corner with a colored acrylic ceiling is very compelling. Sunny during the day, passers-by can sit on two benches, Jidao "Rainbow" count on the ground; at night, the bright lights will wear colorful garb, waiting Ye Guiren.

"Good design must respond to the call of the user.

"Wu Yan said.

  So here’s a common lounge area to the maximum extent both the practical value and artistic value, it is both people spare stopover beginning and end, residents also use color to illuminate the inner neighborhoods "door first." However, the optimization and upgrading of public seating is still in its infancy, many experts believe that, in addition to fully listen to the views of residents, but also a professional considerations.

  Reporters from green amenity Bureau learned Changning District, the district established the city’s first public open space seats set guidelines has entered the consultation phase. An important part of the guide is to highlight priority foot traffic area, seating space can not be "overwhelming." According to the guidelines, temporary fence of a minimum width of sidewalks and pedestrian traffic waterfront area of ??not less than meters, 2 meters is recommended; minimum width of Commercial Street sidewalk shall not be less than 4 meters, 5 meters is recommended.

Based on this, as there are in the region of space qualified, can be considered a common set seating, and coupled with a seating space for the meter’s feet are placed. In addition, the service life of the streets and the streets to control the traffic type of public seating with color, tone color to be consistent with the overall style of your area.

  Local conditions of social cohabitation Although Shanghai has a large number of new or renovated seat, but there are still a lot of public space there is an insufficient number of seats, uneven distribution, the quality is not high enough share of problems. This year, Shanghai Green cityscape department issued a "city public space open seating optimization and upgrading program of work", with related departments, and strive to three years to address the public in a public space, "no place to sit," "sit down," "does not willing to take, "and so on, to meet the public demand for a better life, reflecting the city humane care.

  "Seat design and construction, according to local conditions is one of the principles.

"Director of Cityscape at Cityscape Shanghai Landscaping Bureau Wang Yongwen said that to avoid major demolition and construction, has been optimized to enhance the most seats is the use of the edge of flower beds, fences, stairs and other transformation, or shops along the street to share out seats.

  For example, beer box outside the seat Fufu bakery Panyu way, using the space between the ladder and walkway shops; changning River Suzhou River seat segment, in fact, railings wave pattern, facing the shore "S" shaped design, forming a dorsal pillow Suzhou River "recliner"; 211 Lane Road Xinhua seat door, the guard is part of the booth, from the wall like a "green" plate out of a marble. According to the city’s first public open space seats set guidelines, set up public seating area can be divided into six categories: business street, street life service, street landscape style type, traffic type streets, comprehensive streets, and other public waterfront space.

Each area is different for the needs of the number of public seating, style and other aspects, to promote the design and construction of the relevant local conditions.

  Shanghai Changning District area is among the first to start a public space open seating optimization and upgrading work, it is also developed a three-year action plan.

As of the end of October this year, the region has increased public seating 577 group, transform and upgrade 56 groups, 13 groups considered to build adoption, social sharing 382 groups. "Managing the optimization and upgrading maintenance of public seating, Shanghai is fully mobilize social forces to participate in a total cure.

"Wang Yongwen said the Jing’an Temple streets, Xinhua street, Longhua Town, Changshou Road Street and other streets, there are 513 units and residents at the public seating were donated or tube recognize adoption.

  M2F shop Xinhua road on the step of the outermost discharge-straw 10, with rest and passers shared.

The clerk said, doing so just want to do our social responsibility, little things to do, did not think this has become a major feature of the store to drive popularity. "Gifts of roses, hand a fragrance," the story revolves around a small seat just launched in the future there will be more warm surging in the city.