Lanxian County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau Comprehensive Services Market Registration and Registration Work

Lanxian County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau Comprehensive Services Market Registration and Registration Work

  "Hello, what business do I need to handle?" Although it is Sunday, the registration window of the Government Hall’s market is still coming and going, waiting in line to wait for registration to apply for a certificate of registration. In the market subject, recently, the staff of the Lan County Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau’s market registration window workers work overtime every day to comprehensively serve the registration of market entities, actively improve the registration volume of market entities, and help market entities to cultivate double work improvement.

Policy dividends have caused enterprises to register for registration and registration. 2022 is the "year of market subject construction". The bureau focuses on optimizing the business environment and the implementation of market entities’ multiplier target tasks. The closed loop of work promotes the scale, strength increase, and benefit of market players, and strives to increase by 20 % on the basis of 2021 to a net increase of 2152 households, reaching more than 12,911 households. Just at 8:30 in the morning, in front of the registration window of the registration window of the government affairs hall, a number of applicants who were waiting in line have been gathered one after another. The staff took the number for them and started a busy work for one day.

According to the person in charge of the registration department, this phenomenon has become the norm of work, and the status of long lines waiting for registration has also continued for nearly half a month. In recent years, the windows have carried out a number of commercial registration system reform measures such as "first photos", "multiple certificates", "separation of licenses", "separation of licenses" and "corporate residence declaration system". With the gradual release of reform dividends, the business environment has gradually optimized. The policies of various benefits and enterprises have been introduced, and the registered development of market entities in the county also ushered in a peak.

As of now, the total number of various market entities has reached 11,397 households. Since 2022, 616 new market entities have been added, and 154 households have increased in the first half of May.

Among them, enterprises have added 14 new households, and 139 households have increased by individual industrial and commercial households. Various market entities have shown a high -speed development trend. The staff of the registered registration window of the love service registration window operates the registered registration window of the bureau. A total of 10 external service windows such as the establishment of the registration window and the help of the agency window are set up. Since early May, due to the severe discharge number exceeding the window bearing capacity, there are still a large number of people who have not been registered for daily time to wait at the window.

In order to ensure that the applicant’s number application can be effectively handled, and to provide the applicant with intimate, high -quality, and efficient services for the applicant, the bureau issued the "Implementation Plan for the Work System for the Exhausting Effectiveness of the Government Affairs Hall", and the window actively extended the work. Time, comprehensively carry out a delay service mechanism, and accept all kinds of registration applications.

In addition to registration and comprehensive acceptance and delayed service, it also carries out background materials supplementary records, licenses and licenses and licenses printing to ensure that all kinds of registration applications are settled on time within the promise time limit, and effectively prevent the accumulation of registration parts in various links. Essence

  In order to better serve the county’s market entity and the development of enterprise registration, the bureau also deepen delayed service measures. For enterprises and masses with inconvenient work days, the window carried out the full -day delay service work on Saturday and Sunday. Change the "five -day working day" to "seven -day working day", accept the application for registration of various market entities, increase working time, and effectively solve the prominent contradictions of "no time to work during work hours, no get off work time for work", in order to respond to response The pragmatic moves of the crowd’s voices and the needs of the masses helped the market entities multiplying. In order to optimize the business environment, they continued to "increase" and further promote the high -quality development of the county’s economy and society.

Liu Xianfang Yin Ruiping (Editor: Ma Yunmei, Liu Yang).