Summary: China -Africa clean energy cooperation boosted African green development

Summary: China -Africa clean energy cooperation boosted African green development

  Xinhua News Agency, Nairobi, April 15th. Review: China -Africa Clean Energy Cooperation helps Africa Green Development Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Kai and Wang Ping, which was undertaken by the Nigeria Zonggalu Water Power Station, which was undertaken by a Chinese company. The bitter Africa’s first country Nigeria transports clean energy. The other three generators are expected to be put into operation by the end of this year.

  The Zonggalu Water Power Station is located on the Katana River in Nigeria. There are a total of four rated vertical axis hybrid water wheel generator sets with a rated capacity of 175 MW. The year -old power generation is 100 kilowatt -hours. Such a scale of urban electricity.

  Energy shortage is a common problem facing African countries. Although Africa has rich renewable resources such as water energy, solar energy, and wind energy, the current development ratio is very low. World Bank data shows that the proportion of power -powered population in the African region south of Sahara in 2019 is only%.

According to a report jointly released by the International Energy Agency, the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, the World Bank and the World Health Organization in 2021, by 2030, there will still be a billion -dollar population in the world, most of which live in southern Sahara Africa. area. The United Nations African Economic Commission said that power supply is a major challenge that the African continent urgently needs to respond. It is estimated that by 2050, the African population will double to nearly 2.4 billion.

The committee believes that renewable energy such as solar energy, wind and water energy is a feasible alternative energy source that meets the rapid growth of the African continent.

  China attaches great importance to cooperation with Africa’s clean energy, and has become one of the main partners of African clean energy development, and it is also an important force to promote the green development of Africa.

At present, most of Africa’s energy comes from biomass energy and fossil fuels.

China is using the technical advantages of clean energy to help African countries increase the supply of renewable energy and promote the restoration and development of African economy under the epidemic. In Ethiopia, from the Adam Wind Farm in the hilly area to the Aiezfe Wind Power Station in the desert area, the Chinese company played a positive role in the local area. Mogs Meng Nen, director of Public Relations of Ethiopia Electric Power Corporation, said that on the basis of 51 MW of the total installed capacity of the 34 Typhoon Electric Units in the first phase of the 34 Typhoon Electric Units, 102 Typhoon Rotal Fites undertaken by the Admade of the Chinese company, the total installation machine The capacity is 153 MW, which help Ethiopia to dig its rich renewable energy potential. The Aiea Wind Power Station undertaken by China Oriental Electric Corporation is also about to be completed, with a total installed capacity of 120 MW, which has 40 MW power generation capabilities. The project is expected to provide stable power supply for key projects such as the Yaji Railway and the Duteva Industrial Park. In South Africa, China Longyuan Electric Power Group South Africa has two wind farms and 163 typhoons operated by South Africa Corporation, with a total installed capacity of 10,000 kW. The annual power generation of the project exceeds 100 million kilowatt -hours, which is equivalent to saving more than 200,000 tons of standard coal and reducing more than 700,000 tons of carbon dioxide. In the Kerry area in the western part of Uganda, the workers of China Water Resources and Hydropower Construction Group Corporation are busy completing the work of the Karuma Hydropower Station along the Nile River. This installed capacity of 600,000 kilowatts will become Uganda’s largest power generation facilities after completion.

  In Kenya, the installed capacity of the Galisa photovoltaic power station built by China Jiangxi International Economic and Technological Cooperation Corporation reached 50 MW, which is the largest photovoltaic power plant in East Africa.

Kenya President Kenyata said that the Garris photovoltaic power station enabled Kenya on the road to realize green energy and enhances the image of Kenya as the African Green Energy Production Center.

  Africa is one of the most fragile areas of climate change. Development of clean energy is an inevitable choice for Africa to achieve sustainable development. In November 2021, the Eighth Ministerial Meeting of the China-Africa Cooperation Forum adopted the "Dakar Action Plan (2022-2024)" and the "Declaration of Climate Change Cooperation". China will jointly advocate the concept of green and low -carbon with Africa, vigorously develop renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy, and implement green environmental protection and response to climate change projects for Africa. , Power Construction and other aspects provide practical support. Costantinos, a professor of the University of Siya, Ethiopia, said that multilateral platforms such as the China -Africa Cooperation Forum and South -South Cooperation have further strengthened China’s support for the development of clean energy in Africa. For Africa, cooperation with China can not only develop Africa’s rich green energy resources, but also sharing through successful experience to allow African countries to learn the booming development of Chinese clean energy. (Participate in reporters: Guo Jun, Li Huaing, Lu Yunran, Zhang Guanping) (Editor: Cui Yi, Yang Mu) Share more people see it.